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This is 40

Hey, friend.

So... Here I am.

Can I get real with you for a few minutes? Right now, I'm about 6 months into 40. Here's a glimpse of how that has looked:

At 40... I find myself, most of the time, driving a 12-passenger van full of cute girls and food crumbs and lots of Baby Shark. Can anyone else relate to Baby Shark?! I am still in the “2 kids under the age of 5” stage, plus in the teen AND middle years too.

At 40... I am super happy denim jackets are back in... And that dry shampoo was invented... And I have learned to like coffee black with stevia drops... And I found out that Free People sells bell bottoms (I LOVE bell-bottomscheck them out on my Favorites page!)... And I am thankful Birkenstocks are back and we live at the beach so I can wear them all the time… And I am thankful for furry pom-pom sandals. (VERY thankful!)

At 40... My right eyelid is kind of droopy compared to my left. I have been working on some makeup techniques, but have also considered surgery - which I am NOT doing.

At 40... I have learned I am an Enneagram 7 with a strong 6-wing. (That 6-wing has kept me from said eyelift, Lasik eye surgery, Botox, and skydiving.)


I remember before my 40th birthday, I was wanting to lose 15 lbs.

Instead, I started therapy and started feeling lots of things and gained 5 lbs (maybe 7... maybe 10). But more importantly, I’ve been learning A LOT this year.

I have cried tears of gratitude and tears of grief over the last few months.

Gratitude for all of the people and things.

Grief over some big things my heart is processing through.

I feel settled internally. Even in my most unsettled season ever externally.

At 40... I have been seeking healing and health.

And truthfully… I feel scared. You know what I mean, friend?

So, again... Here I am...

Showing up honest and real. I have failed before, and I know I will fail again in this life. But I am looking for progress. I have the tools and resources I need, and I believe I am READY.

Ready for the rest of this year, ready for this season of life. Ready to grow to the next level of optimal health. Ready to leave the excuses behind. Ready to break up with sugar as a toxic comfort food, and lean into mentally and spiritually healthy ways to handle stress and fear and sadness and anger.


Here are some ways I am setting myself up for success; maybe they’ll resonate with you too:

  1. My water bottle is full. 100 oz of water every. day.

  2. I am setting alarms on my phone so I don’t forget to eat!

  3. I am planning my meals.

  4. I have my Lifebook and journal out and ready to read and write a couple of pages each day.

  5. I am committed to moving my body every day.

  6. I am leaning into my community for accountability.

  7. I am going to therapy to work on some hurts in life and some habits those hurts created. I know my husband, friends, and community are awesome. But they were not made to be my therapist.

  8. I am committed to seeking God first.

What are you doing to set yourself up for success? Share with me!

I’m so thankful we can do this together.

xo, Leslie


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